8 Stealthy Ways To Be The Ultimate Procrastinating Ninja At Work – Stuff

In most cases, saying “I don’t want to” when your superior asks for a favour will instantaneously award you with the golden handshake. Unless, instead of unwilling, you’re unable to fulfill your task because of something beyond your control; such as an important update for your PC’s operating system. Such chances are rare because we all know that Microsoft has the tendency of rolling out critical Windows updates during inconvenient times. Thanks to Fake Update, you can just fake one out so you can go “oh gosh darnit!” and take a “forced” coffee break until the update finishes. The website provides a variety of update screens from Windows 98 to Windows 10, Mac OS, and even SteamOS! Who the hell uses a Steam Machine for work??

Effective Level: Office Douchebag

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